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As a pioneer in the global development of IT solutions, we always work in close cooperation with our customers in order to build and operate an optimal network environment.

NTT Com DD Corporation started business in 1997 as the Japanese subsidiary of Dimension Data, a provider of global IT solutions that was founded in South Africa in 1983.

In July 2019, our company became a member of the NTT Communications Group and changed our company name to NTT Com DD Corporation. During the long period of approximately 22 years since starting our business, we have worked to build and operate IT infrastructures that meet the needs of our customers.

In particular, we provide global one-stop services for customers who are expanding their business globally, such as overseas customers who are expanding their business in Japan and domestic customers who are expanding their business overseas. When providing these services, we work together with NTT group companies around the world and cooperate closely with manufacturers that continually provide advanced IT technology; for example, Cisco Systems and Dell Technologies.

In recent years, advances in ICT technology have further accelerated the pace of change in innovations such as IOT, AI, Big Data, and Industry 4.0. All of this progress has become driven by the Internet (cloud). As an expert in hybrid solutions that combine cloud and on-premise technology, our company exerts leadership for our customers’ businesses in Japan based on the strength of our know-how in global system integration centered on the corporate network infrastructure of customers.

As the IT system industry continues to change in the future, NTT Com DD will continue to constantly work closely with our customers and push forward as a pioneer with a history of flexible response. As an open organization that emphasizes compliance and is conscious of diversity, we see the difficult environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to heighten the technical skills of each employee and work ceaselessly to create a brighter future together with our customers.

NTT DD Com will continue to be an invaluable partner for the future of our customers. We look forward to your continued patronage.

Junichi Nojima
President & CEO
NTT Com DD Corporation