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Our Strength

NTT Com DD’s 3 Promises
for Business Innovation through technology

NTT Com DD supports our clients in solving your issues mainly in the field of networks through our three unique strengths.
We supply intelligent infrastructure to create new value from information through proposals for the optimal combination of devices and services, business development globally, and in cooperation with the NTT Group which can utilize a wide range of technologies.


We provide optimal solutions while combining a wide array of technologies.

In addition to our close relationships with an abundance of partners and our long track record of successful implementations, our ability to conceive and realize value from the latest technologies enables us to provide optimal solutions to solve our clients' problems as solutions. We not only solve problems that exist in the field in a practical and effective manner, but also create new value by utilizing our expertise in the appropriate combination of equipment and compatibility of services.


We provide a global infrastructure that no longer suffers from cross-border expansion.

We have many engineers with extensive experience overseas. This enables us to provide comprehensive support to overseas companies entering Japan and vice versa. We enable direct technical communication with workers on-site in a common language. This allows us to support smooth and mutual understanding and prompt decision-making without language barriers and technical or cultural barriers. In addition, our partners around the world can provide local installation, operation, and maintenance services, which are often troublesome when expanding overseas.


We achieve total service in Japan and overseas through collaboration with NTT Group.

We can provide various solutions ranging from infrastructure design to the building of applications by cooperating with NTT Ltd., which operates globally, and the NTT Group, operating in Japan. We will start by consulting with you to clarify your issues. We then consider what kind of value we can provide as a group and propose optimal solutions.

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