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Three intelligent solutions to convert business issues into new value

We offer three solutions which combine the latest technologies; infrastructure, cybersecurity, and workplace. We support innovation to convert the data in your organization into new value by providing a predictable, automatable, and controllable network environment regardless of location or device.


We provide integrated infrastructure solutions for “networks,” “data centers”, and “cloud connections” essential in modern infrastructure. Visualizing invisible networks makes it possible to grasp the situation. Meanwhile, expanding control makes it possible to automate settings, maintenance and monitoring, and controlling the increasing traffic. We provide intelligent infrastructure which provides new value utilizing information from networks.


We provide intelligent security solutions that enable business resiliency in the face of increasingly complex corporate networks and an ever-changing security landscape. In addition to providing the zero-trust model, we provide solutions which allow our customer to visualize security and to automate incident response even in a hybrid or multi-cloud environment. That helps the “visualization,” “prediction,” “control,” “prevention,” “detection,” “response” and “automation” of cyber risks to enable the avoidance of downtime and risk control.


We supply workplace solutions which enable your employees to share information and to engage in communication regardless of location or device.

We set up communication environments with telephones and video meetings to share expertise and ideas even in a telecommuting environment. We also build environments which allow remote access to the office safely from home. We provide a new workplace environment which enables companies and employees to promote innovations together by providing a next-generation environment that integrates the latest technologies and applications.

“Intelligent Platform” that minimizes cyber security risks with the “secure by design” concept

We support you to safely achieve your business goals.