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Our Environmental Policy

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We are pursuing environmental activities under NTT Communications Group Global Environmental Charter.

NTT Communications Group Global Environmental Charter

Our Basic Philosophy

The NTT Communications Group will actively pursue conservation of the global environment and help to bring about an environmentally friendly society through all facets of its creation and provision of high quality services benefiting customers across the globe.

Our Basic Policy

The following policies apply to all our business activities.

  1. Fulfillment of corporate responsibilities
    We will comply with all domestic and overseas laws and regulations relating to environmental conservation as a matter of course and we will endeavor, having assessed the environmental impact of our business activities, to prevent pollution of the environment and seek continual improvements based on established targets in areas including energy and resource conservation and waste reduction.
  2. Support initiatives for an environmentally friendly society
    We will, through the development and provision of information-sharing platforms relating to environmental conservation and recycling as well as networking services enabling teleworking and other new lifestyle approaches, help to bring about a society with a low environmental impact which is friendly to people and to the Earth.
  3. Contribution to the environment through social interaction
    We will endeavor to support day-to-day environmental protection activities in partnership with local communities and government authorities.
  4. Disclosure of environmental information
    We will disclose environmental information and engage in relevant communication both internally and externally.
  5. Biodiversity preservation and sustainable utilization (ecosystem preservation and sustainable utilization)
    We will promote harmonious coexistence with the natural world by recognizing the benefits we receive from ecosystems and the impact of our business activities upon them (in addition to taking action to reduce environmental impact).
Junichi Nojima
President & CEO
NTT Com DD Corporation