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Intelligent infrastructure for digital transformation (DX)

Digital transformation (DX) is gaining attention as it involves the utilization of new technologies to create new services and business models. Under these circumstances, the IT infrastructure that supports corporate activities is also expected to create new value.
NTT Com DD’s “Intelligent Infrastructure” solution supports the creation of new value from rapidly changing business situations, by providing constantly optimized, automatable, secure infrastructure in networks, and data centers and clouds.


Building network connections with SD-WAN and SD-Access

Secure Network for Anywhere

We provide SDN solutions that appropriately combine products from a wide variety of vendors.
You can efficiently manage and control the settings of routers and switches in a large-scale environment. You can also control devices and routers automatically according to the communications situation by building a WAN and remote access environment utilizing software technologies.
By building infrastructure based on the concept of “Secure by Design” which considers security from the design stage, the prevention, detection prediction and response to cyber threats can be automated. This makes it possible to avoid downtime, thereby providing an agile and predictable intelligent network overall.

Building infrastructure for data centers which can be automatically configured using API

Automate Data Center Infrastructure

We provide infrastructure solutions to data centers based on our advanced technological capabilities and wide-ranging expertise. By using APIs, you can automate and manage network configured of virtual machines and containers in data centers by utilizing network function virtualization (NFV). Moreover, it is possible to adjust and manage the entire network according to the usage status of the data center by providing a platform which unifies networks and applications through SDN for high-throughput networks.

Providing infrastructure and security in multi-cloud environments

Global Network for Cloud Native

We offer network connection and security functions for clouds in a variety of combinations such as multiple public clouds and public and private clouds. It enables an optimized infrastructure as a total environment that includes not only the cloud, but also offices, locations, and end users. We have a wealth of achievements and experience in connecting overseas data centers and overseas clouds by leveraging our strengths unique to a global SI. With this, we can design and deliver an exact solution to solve your issues and problems.

Strategic technology partners

We offer comprehensive support regardless of the vendor for the design, introduction, operation, and management of IT environments with our extensive experience and expertise.
We support your business by providing multi-vendor network services to meet your needs.