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Protect against cybercrimes which is becoming one of the biggest risk to your business

Information leakages and network failures caused by cybercrime are now familiar threats which can greatly impair the profits of companies. We are expanding from conventional methods such as detection and elimination to risk management including prediction and management. Our “Intelligent Cybersecurity” solution provides agile security systems with the power of recovery by designing the latest security infrastructure utilizing the latest technologies, multifaceted expertise well-versed in clouds and the IoT, and a wealth of consulting experience.


Implementing access authorization, control and visualization

Zero-Trust Network

We offer security solutions based on the zero-trust model which protects all access including networks and applications. We realize comprehensive access control regardless of people (workforce), business contents (workload) or locations (workplace) through encryption of communication paths, multi-factor authentication, and monitoring of logs and devices. Policy-based control makes it possible to automatically detect abnormal access from the logs and alerts of users, devices, and components. This enables visualization and response to threats. It prevents loss of visibility and manageability in parts of the network due to vendor differences and other factors, ensuring the security of the entire environment.

Protecting your hybrid cloud environment

Secure Multi-Cloud

We offer security solutions in hybrid cloud environments which tend to be complicated. Examples of those include combined use of on-premise facilities, utilization of public clouds, and use of multiple data centers. We provide designs which enable you to individually monitor and manage each respective environment by applying a zero-trust model to each environment through segmentation, in addition to management of multiple environments in an integrated manner with an approach not dependent on infrastructure. This means it is possible to isolate a specific environment even if an incident occurs, and also makes it possible to prevent the impact from spreading out horizontally to other environments. Accordingly, you can prevent collateral damage to critical resources.

Providing network, security and policy management for multi-vendor and hybrid environments

Firewall Optimization

We provide security solutions for multi-vendor/hybrid environments for environments with a mix of network devices from various vendors or a combination of multiple cloud services. This makes it possible to visualize the entire network regardless of location, to install and replace devices regardless of the vendor, to distribute management policies for various devices, and to change the settings to respond to security standards which are constantly evolving. It will enable you to quickly and reliably apply the optimal security configuration at any given time by adapting to changes in the ever-changing business workflow and global trends while observing compliance.

Strategic technology partners

We offer comprehensive support regardless of the vendor for the design, introduction, operation, and management of IT environments with our extensive experience and expertise.
We support your business by providing multi-vendor network services to meet your needs.