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Requests regarding operation in environments without Cisco Smart License Using Policy and CSSM

HomeRequests regarding operation in environments without Cisco Smart License Using Policy and CSSM

February 2022

NTT Com DD Corporation


The new Cisco Smart Licensing method, Smart Licensing Using Policy (SLP), does not provide an offline authentication method that does not require communication with the Cisco Smart Software Management (CSSM) portal.

Based on Cisco’s policy, if a subscription license, such as a DNA license, is used in an environment where each device to which SLP is applied does not have a direct connection to CSSM, the customer must build and operate a proxy server (SSM on-premise) or send a RUM report (software usage analysis) to CSSM every ninety (90) days.

(The following request does not apply if you only use the Network license.)

Requests to Customers

Please provide Smart Account (SA) and Virtual Account (VA) information before ordering equipment.

If you are unable to provide the SA / VA information in time, please make sure that the equipment has connectivity to CSSM directly or through a proxy server as soon as possible after the equipment is delivered, or send RUM reports manually. Also, please send RUM reports to CSSM every ninety (90) days.

Operational considerations when it is unavoidable that the 90-day RUM report cannot be sent

If you are unable to send the RUM report every ninety (90) days,

  • Please contact NTT Com DD sales representative so that they can work with Cisco to support your operational environment, and
  • Please note that the following actions will be taken by the devices.

    Router / Switch / Wireless products (IOS-XE 17.3.2, NX-OS 10.2.X)

        Syslog alerts are displayed (can be set to not be displayed by command)

    CUBE / SRST / CME (IOS 17.3.2, 17.3.3, 17.3.4a, 17.6.1a, 17.4.X, 17.5.X)

          Shutdown (stop functioning)

Please note that when responding to failures, you may be asked by NTT Com DD Support Service engineers, to generate and upload RUM reports to CSSM and download / import Ack files from CSSM to your device.

Also, please make sure you renew your subscription license before the license expires.