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Success story: Passing the exam of 700-150 ICS

Success story: Passing the exam of 700-150 ICSのイメージ

Hello. This is Yuka N., from inside sales team in the International Account Sales.

I’d like to share my story of having acquired Cisco’s 700-150 ICS Introduction to Cisco Sales.

What is 700-150 ICS Introduction to Cisco Sales?

It is a certification which requires deep understanding of Cisco cloud architecture, DC, enterprise and digital networking, security solutions, collaboration solution sales, and Cisco certification itself.

Why I decided to obtain this certification 

At NTT Com DD, we have support systems for sales activities, and I have participated in some study groups and training sessions to improve my skills as a salesperson.


With COVID-19, we have experienced changes in many ways such as our sales styles; more in-depth knowledge and skills are required. I decided to take on the challenge of obtaining the certification in the hopes of being able to provide accurate and proper information to our customers more quickly and to be able to flexibly respond to their needs.

How I managed to prepare for the certification 

At first, I was worried about whether I would have the time to study since I oversaw more than 100 accounts as an inside sales representative. However, by avoiding busy seasons and setting clear goals for the date of the examination, I was able to study by creating time during commutes and before bedtime.


As I proceeded with my studies, I was pleased to know that there were no problems with matters that I was aware of. I also felt that learning about matters I was unaware of would lead to expectations for myself that I could confidently deal with them. I am determined to make the best from what I have learned in my work.

About the future
I joined the Inside Sales team in 2017, and this year will be my 6th year. Various things have happened both in the customers’ environment and the combination of products we handle, and I am still facing every challenge with delight; I will accumulate knowledge and experience from various angles so that I can become a sales person that would make our customers want to work with our company. I would like to continue devoting my efforts to becoming a sales person who people want to do business with because of me.

Comments from the supervisor

Congratulations on passing the 700-150. Keep up the good work and continue studying . As is common in many industries, rational values such as functionality, performance, and price can easily become commodities, and it has become difficult to make your company unique or superior by themselves.


In response, NTT Com DD is undertaking a full-fledged CX (Customer Experience) initiative to provide emotional value as an added value to rational value, and to promote the overall optimization of the value received for our business partners. We will definitely need Yuka N’s help to make this initiative a success. Let’s work hard together!


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