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Our Team Wins the Cisco Perfect Pitch!

Our Team Wins the Cisco Perfect Pitch!のイメージ

Hello, I am Matsumoto from the Marketing team.

I’d like to share a video of the presentation by our Partner Sales Department & Malaysia CoE team that won at the Cisco Perfect Pitch.

Theme: SASE for Securing Hybrid Workforce

~Visualizing Bottlenecks of the Internet to Improve Digital Experience of Cloud Users ~

The shift of enterprise IT systems of cloud systems from cloud first to cloud by default has been accelerating. However, problems of poor network performance are often a concern.

In order to take appropriate action, the first priority is to understand the current status of connections, including the internet’s intermediate paths. Cisco Systems offers an internet visualization tool called the “ThousandEyes” as a solution to support this effort.

NTT Com DD has taken advantage of the programmability of the ThousandEyes to develop and implement unique extensions to it with the CoE team in Malaysia. This provides additional values that enhance digital experiences.

Following is the message we received from Cisco Systems upon wining the presentation contest held by Cisco Systems for partner companies.

“The key point in our evaluation was that NTT Com DD defined persona in detail and proposed a new hybrid work solution based on use cases. We also appreciated that you touched on the programmability, which Cisco Systems is currently focusing on, and that the scope of your proposal expanded to the point where it has a very broad view of the world was also a point of evaluation. We hope that Cisco SASE will be horizontally deployed and that a variety of people will be introduced to the importance of the Secure Hybrid Work and the world view of how Cisco SASE will be incorporated into it.”


Aiming to be able to efficiently operate and manage increasingly complex networks in a multi-cloud environment with a small number of staff, NTT Com DD will provide solutions that leverage its unique expertise to a wide range of customers through ThousandEyes. 

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